The City of Shelton in partnership with area businesses and the Shelton Mason County Chamber of Commerce are hosting a downtown clean-up.  This is a great chance to put some shine on downtown Shelton.  During the weekend of May 15-16, businesses and commercial building owners in Shelton are invited to participate in a community clean-up.  No right-of-way permits (normally required for work in/use of public right-of-ways like public streets, sidewalks, planting strips, etc.) are needed during this weekend. Our hope is to make “spring cleaning” more accessible to those who would prefer not to come into the Civic Center. Any business/building owner located in Shelton is welcome to participate!
Please note that City crews will not be available to pick up trash during this event. City crews will be working on clean-up work on city-owned buildings like the museum and Civic Center.  Some tips from our Public Works Department for a successful clean-up:
• Schedule clean-up work doing low pedestrian/vehicle use hours near your business.
• Noisy work should be completed during the day.
• A minimum of 4 feet of sidewalk must be kept open at all times.
• Work areas and activities may need to be modified to allow safe pedestrian travel. A spotter may need to be assigned to a work area.
• Items covering the sidewalk (hoses, power cords, etc.) need to be secured to the sidewalk and covered with mats to prevent tripping hazards.
• Parked vehicles adjacent to work areas should be moved.
• Any work area should not extend or block the street.
• Overspray from painting or power washing shall be limited to the work area and not damage adjacent properties, vehicles, trees, etc.
If you have questions about this event, please contact our Public Works Department at (360) 426-4491.