The Scholarship committee is pleased to announce awardees for 2021.  We celebrate the awardees of Skookum and Shelton Rotary club Scholarships!
Congratulations to our High School recipients!
From Shelton High School:  Michael Gilman, Miranda Cagle, Angeline Elguero Mateo, Hannah Shrum, Sally Ann Perreault, Veronica Gudino Sandavol, Emma Miller, Magdalena Bachmeier, Serena Ceballos, Jenna Vernon, Katelynn O'Keefe, Izzabella Hiatt Jackson.
From Mary M. Knight High School:  Kelsey Skinner, Isaiah Ortega Compton.
From North Mason High School:  Emmett Bryz-Gornia. 
Congratulations to our College recipients!
Pacific Lutheran University:   Kyrsten Campbell, Spencer Pruitt, Austin Karr.
Washington State University:  Grace Renecker.
University of Washington:  Beau Harvey, Kiara Ventura.
South Puget Sound Community College:  Emily Adams.
Lower Columbia University:  Jessica D. LaPraim. 
Check out the video to find out which scholarships these amazing students will be receiving posted on our Facebook page (PS you don't need a Facebook account to view our page).  Or, follow the link below.
A huge thank you to all of the members of the Scholarship committee for their tireless effort to select these well deserving students.